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Reporting and action plan

How to report suspicion of disease

Fisheries and aquaculture industry managers, including farmers and their staff, should be aware of their responsibility as citizens of a NACA member country to report suspicion of a NACA-listed disease to local authorities as soon as possible.

In the possible event of a disease incursion, fishery and aquaculture industry managers should develop an emergency management plan in consultation with farmers and appropriate extension staff.

If you identify signs of disease in a culture system, contact your aquatic animal health officer. If your observation is of wild aquatic animals, contact a wildlife or fisheries officer. Figure 2 shows the process, and the Who to Contact page gives contact details.

Follow the directions and advice provided by the officer you contact. This guide will help you find the information the officer needs.

Figure 2. What to do if you suspect a disease

Diagram of what to do if you suspect a disease

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